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My Favorite Husband

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Ten years later, Lucy would find herself with her own Radio Series. While producing films for Columbia Pictures, CBS offered Lucy a Radio show based upon the book, Mr. and Mrs. Cugat by Isabelle Scott Rorick.

Lucy was interested, especially if Desi could costar, but the big brass at CBS thought he was not the type to play a typical American husband. CBS turned a deaf ear to her proposal and she was teamed with Richard Denning in My Favorite Husband.

My Favorite Husband stars Lucille Ball and Richard Denning as husband and wife George and Liz.  Lucy’s real husband, Desi Arnaz took over Denning’s role which became that of a Cuban bandleader in the TV show “I Love Lucy”.  This is, in fact the radio version of  “I Love Lucy” on TV.  MFH has most of the same writers and many of the same story lines as I Love Lucy … but not Fred and Ethel Mertz.

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